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Caramel Power Bars with No Caramel
April 7, 2010, 5:05 pm
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So, two things:

1) I won’t be keeping up this blog everyday anymore, it’s too time consuming and I’ve got a lot on my plate right now.   We will let you know whether or not we won the Paleo Challenge as soon as we hear.

And, I will post recipes when I come up with a reallllly good one (like last night.)  As I mentioned, Corey is working on a community kind of Paleo recipe website, which I think is REALLY needed.  There are a few great clean eating sites on the web, but there needs to be more, and stuff needs to be searchable and quick.  So yeah, he’s all over that, and we’ll keep you posted on progress, here and over at Aqufit.

2) I talked a lot about Lara bars in the 31 day challenge.  Sometimes, you just feel like something heartier than fruit or a sweet potato half for a snack and the Lara bars often did the trick.  But, they are also pretty high calorie, and also really expensive.  I wanted to make a homemade energy bar that was filling, sweet, and healthy – and last night — booyah.

Caramel Power Bars

These nuggets of delicious chewy goodness don’t actually have any caramel in them, but that’s what they taste like to me.  These are not totally strict Paleo as they do have protein powder and honey in them, but you can negate both of those ingredients for a slightly less sweet but equally satisfying bar.

You will need:

1 cup almond butter (smooth)

1/4 cup honey

1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce

1/4 cup unsalted sunflower seeds

1/4 cup dried berries (cherries, blueberries and cranberries all work well)

1/2 cup assorted nuts (I used cashews, pecans, and a few sliced almonds)

Any other unsalted seed, nut, or dried fruit filling you can think of – I think dried banana or shredded unsweetened coconut would be amazing!)

2 heaping scoops of vanilla protein powder (we use ISO Sensation Vanilla and it’s my favourite so far.  Corey is an advocate of protein powder for muscle building and I have to say, judging from his body composition, I think he’s on to something.  It certainly hasn’t hurt either one of us.)

Melt almond butter (and honey, and protein powder if desired) on low heat.  Add apple sauce. When easily stirrable, add nuts and berries.

Once all ingredients are coated and gooey, put on a cookie sheet with parchment paper.  Hungrily lick the spoon and scrape all remnants from side of pot.  This shit is amazing.

Refridgerate for several hours.

Voila!  Your own homemade power bars.

Warning: these are slightly gooey.  If you want to make them less so, refridgerate for longer (or freeze) — or use a bit less apple sauce.  Either way, they’re gonna be good.


March 6, Day 6
March 7, 2010, 4:34 am
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When we were following the Body For Life diet over the last few months before we found Crossfit, we had one “free day” a week.  We usually designated Friday as our  Eat Whatever the Hell We Want day so we could have pub grub and beers after work if we wanted – and I looked forward to Friday every week. Cheese!  Creamy desserts!  Delicious, garlicky cheese bread!

This Paleo challenge doesn’t have a “free day” but if it did, today would be it.  I made not one but two desserts for dinner tonight – Paleo friendly – and for the first time all week I’m full and possessing that delicious Friday Night Free Night feeling, without the cheese, bread or sugar.

I woke up before 7, and knew I’d have to take Nolan to soccer at 10:00, so I scarfed a Tropical Fruit Lara bar.  Good god, those things are awesome.

We returned with an Americano for Corey at 10:30, and I made breakfast.

Breakfast, 10:30 AM: Almond Flour Banana Crepes with Berry Sauce and Fresh Fruit

Mashed up banana, half a cup of almond flour, two eggs and two to three minutes in a slightly olive-oil greased pan and these babies are ready for the eating.  Corey and I both had 2 with berry compote and fresh pineapple, raspberries and blueberries.

Then the dock beckoned because it was sunny and the cherry blossoms were exploding and we had a crab trap that needed lowering.  And some serious lounging to do — it’s rest day:


We had to take the Munchkin to a birthday party at 2, and on the drive there from the Dock we scarfed a Lara bar each.  Then we went home and made lunch.

Lunch, 2 PM: Chicken Salad on Spinach

I found a Paleo-friendly recipe for mayo linked from the Crossfit BC webpage.  I just omitted the salt, and it was obviously less sugary and sweet than store brands, but still tasty.  I added pepper and tossed celery, grapes, and chicken over spinach with a bit of homemade mayo.  Pinenuts on top.  Fab.

I wanted to make a really nice dinner, and Corey and I had both been thinking about the awesome spaghetti we made earlier this week.  We bought some spaghetti squash and did the same thing again, this time using organic turkey instead of lean ground beef.  So, so good guys.

Dinner, 7 PM: Turkey Spaghetti + Spaghetti Squash

Lots of mushrooms, onions, fresh basil and thyme, organic tomatoes, paste, and pepper.  I’d strongly recommend this for people watching carb intake who really miss pasta.

I wanted to make cookies, but the only recipe I could find that was Paleo friendly had raisins in them, and Corey fervently believes that Raisins Should Be Kept out of cookies.  So I made banana custard for him, and cookies for me.  I ate a bit of both.  Whoa!  Cravings squashed.  But I definitely won’t be doing that every night.  They may be paleo, but they’re also pretty high cal.

(Banana custard with cinnamon sprinkles.)

(Cinnamon raising cookies.  I think I slightly undercooked these so they were gooey but I think that made them even better.  These were made with eggs, cinnamon, almond flour, and raisins and were super delicious.

I felt really good today: energy restored and satisfied all day.  One thing of note: we ordered organic turkey meat from Spud and we didn’t realize it was salted (like most deli meats are)  We could not believe the potency of the salt taste; it’s only taken 5 days for our bodies to get used to reduced salt and eating something with the “normal” amount of salt in it was almost overpowering.  Incredible.

We’re doing our long run tomorrow, and I can feel I’ll have lots of energy for it.

March 5, Day 5

Corey cooked breakfast this morning because I was on a conference call, and I was amazed and delighted with what he came up with:

Breakfast, 8 AM:  Organic turkey slices around fresh spinach, topped with an over-easy egg.

He added a slice of super-sweet cantaloupe.  It was so good we ate the rest of it, too.  The eggs have a sprinkle of cayenne pepper which added a kick, and the soft yolk added a yummy sauce to the turkey sand plain spinach.  Super easy, and good.

Lunch was a bit of a bust. We went to the noon Crossfit class, I felt sluggish and weak, breathing a lot heavier than usual and having to rest between sets.  I am not sure if it’s the diet to blame or the fact that we’ve been all typically obsessively enthusiastic about a new venture.  I think maybe a bit of both.  We grazed on turkey-wrapped melon and seeds + berries until a supremely late lunch.

Lunch, 4 PM: BBQ Chicken Spinach Red Pepper Salad with Blueberry Dressing

I looked at Corey quizzically as he threw pine nuts, frozen blueberries, and slice red peppers into the blender to make our salad dressing, but – it was delicious!  Sweet and a perfect foil to the BBQ chicken and crunchy spinach.  Almost every store-bought dressing is a no-no on this diet, so we’ve had to make our own – but it’s been worth it.  We don’t bother with the food processor half the time because it’s a pain in the ass to find all the parts (I put stuff in whack places without thinking a lot of the time) – but almost all of these can be made in the blender.

We wanted to go out for dinner. Friday night, kid-free, and we’d been making complex meals all week.  But where to?  Oysters, we decided.  Paleo friendly and delicious and we’ll use lemon instead of hot sauce.

But we got foiled when we arrived at the restaurant and they didn’t have oysters.  We had scallops instead.  They served 3 for 16 dollars.  We  went to Whole Foods, bought a whack load of meat and fruit and veggies, and came home starved and fired a steak on the BBQ.

(I ate a Lara bar in the car on the way home too because I was starved.  At this point I am eating more than Corey, am still always starving and a little grumpy)

9 PM, “Second Dinner Because the First Was Teeny”:

I cooked up a bunch of onions with black pepper, garlic, half a lemon + zest, and 4 or 5 sundried tomatoes.  Then I threw them in the blender and made a hot, savory tomato-onion pesto for on top of the steak.  Was delish.

Day 1 – March 1
March 2, 2010, 5:03 am
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I spent last night scouring paleo-friendly recipes online and turns out, there’s not a whole lot of resources out  there.  But I found enough to get us by for a few weeks at least, and I may do a little creative crockery of my own, which will likely be terrifying for all involved. Good thing Corey’s a patient dude, and will eat anything with relish (even brussel sprouts.) (I know. Who is he?)

We cruised through day 1, eating really well.  Actually, I ate quite a bit more than usual and I think that was because I knew there was no bread in my immediate future and my stomach was panicking.

Breakfast: almond flour pancakes with unsweetened apple sauce and fresh strawberries + pineapple for topping.

Two small pancakes.  Super tasty but I was hungry about an hour later.

Midmorning snack: “Live Bar” Found them at Whole Foods, and grabbed some knowing I’d be craving “doughy” kind of stuff.  These are 110 calories a pop and they’re small and rich and made of dates, raisins, hazelnuts, pecans, unsweetened coconut and organic sesame seeds.  I give them a 6 out of 10.

Lunch – Hazelnut Grape Chicken Salad

I used locally raised, organic, free-range chicken and cooked it in a little olive oil, lemon, and garlic.  The grapes and pineapple in the salad were juicy enough that it didn’t need dressing. But I admit I missed something bready or creamy and so at around 2:00 I had a BC gala apple and a smear of almond butter, which was insanely good.

Midafternoon Snack: I was hungry again (what the hell? Maybe because of our epic Lions Gate run yesterday?)  at about 4:00 and knew we wouldn’t eat till after 7:00 as Nolan had swimming.  These Lara bars are paleo friendly and delicious, though the calorie count of 220 freaks me out a little – will use sparingly.

Dinner: The highlight of the day.  Corey had to go downtown to his office today so he picked up some fresh salmon.  We bar-b-q’d it with an improvised sundried tomato romoulade I made in the food processor using tomatoes, pine nuts, olive oil, fresh basil, ground pepper, and unsalted tomato juice.  It was amazing with a plain yam.

We had a few chunks of fresh cantaloupe for dessert.

Other than a Nutella jar that screamed at me from the cupboard all day, it went smooth.  (we gave the Nutella to my brother’s girlfriend tonight, no more temptation anywhere in the house.) I ran 6K and did a short workout at Crossfit and felt energetic and satisfied all day.  I’m already looking forward to the fruit salad I’m going to make for breakfast tomorrow.