Kristin + Corey Paleo Log Blog

March 29, Day 29

I was feeling inspired this morning, and there was 3/4 of a pan of coconut loaf on the counter.  We were going to have french toast for breakfast, paleo style:

8:30 AM Coconut Bread French Toast with Kiwis and Strawberries and a Side of Ground Turkey

We were going to try to do just nuts and meat for the last week of the challenge, but after my sausage and nuts experience…I don’t know.  I’m forgoing enough without my cheese and “real” bread, I still want breakfast to taste breakfast-y.  Maybe when we’re super-leaning for the summer we’ll try the nut/meat only breakfasts with a little more zeal.  In the meantime, there’s Coconut Bread French Toast.

You guys, this might be my fave Paleo breakfast to date.  I cut up about 3 small slices each of the coconut bread from last night and dipped it in an egg mixture (3 eggs, 1/4 cup vanilla almond milk, vanilla extract, 1/2 crushed banana, cinnamon) and grilled for about a minute.  Topped with some fresh kiwi and strawberry, it was to die for.  We had some turkey burgers in the fridge, so I also did up one of those and served half a patty with each breakfast.  Perfect.

We did a noon Crossfit workout, perhaps the hardest one ever.  Corey was lifting some seriously heavy weights and we were both exhausted when we came home, so we just ate leftovers from the weekend: soup, turkey curry, the spaghetti from the weekend spaghetti omelette.

I had some work to finish off, so Corey later picked up some ingredients for dinner: tenderloin (organic), two kinds of mushrooms, and some lite coconut milk.  I was going to make beef tenderloin with mushroom + black peppercorn sauce!

That meat really is that pink.  My man is a seriously hardcore carnivore, would eat it raw if he could.  And he has.

This meal was super good and really easy.  I had to experiment with the mushroom peppercorn sauce a bit because most recipes call for cream and wine.  I use lite cocounut milk, a bit of almond milk, and a lot of spices.  It was really good.

Tomorrow is our second last day of this challenge.  What should we make?