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March 2 – Day 2

I am good at reading a novel at lightening speed and writing resumes and finding obscure factoids on the Internet but I suck at cooking and I know it doesn’t really count, it’s not really cooking, but dude. I made a wicked fruit salad this morning.


Kiwi, strawberries, melon, pineapple, apple and banana.  Poured a bit of pineapple juice and squeezed some fresh lemon on it and it was heaven.

Breakfast, 8 AM: fresh fruit salad + scrambled eggs (1.5 eggs each, plus 2 egg whites)  with organic sausage and cherry tomatoes.  I think the organic sausage is a little fattier than we should be using, but it was delicious, even though we didn’t put in very much.

We also had coffee.  I am missing my Starbucks vanilla non-fat lattes, and Corey’s jonesing for his Americano mistos.  Home brew with plain almond milk kind of licks donkey balls, but we’ll deal for a month.

I was hungry again at 10:30 am, we both had Lara bars to tide us over till lunch.

Corey made lunch while I was on a few conference calls.  He used a bag of frozen vegetables (Europe’s Best brand, they’re tasty) We removed snow peas.  Paleo diet, why do you hate snow peas?  We don’t understand.

Anyway, we couldn’t use the standby soy sauce or teriyaki because of sugar and salt content, so we improvised and threw some sundried tomatoes, fresh basil, organic vegetable broth, fire-roasted red peppers, garlic cloves and a bit of pepper into the food processor.  The result was too thick for a sauce, it was more like a pesto.  So Corey cooked some Maple Farm chicken, just plain, plopped it over the tender crisp cooked veggies and put the sundried tomato red pepper sauce over top.  Guys, this was SO good.

Lunch 1 PM: Veggie Chicken Stirfry with Sundried Tomato Red Pepper Pesto

It was amazing, but by about 3:00, my stomach was eating itself again so I ate the rest of the fruit salad.  Corey downed some amino acid stuff that makes me puke a bit in my mouth but makes him feel, sporadically, like He-Man.

We did a quick half hour workout at the gym since Crossfit’s schedule didn’t fit ours today.  Afterward, I was starving again.  I am not sure where all this hunger is coming from, maybe it’s my body hating on me because it knows it gets no delicious baguette with cheese for at least a month.

At 5:00 I had one of those vegan Live bars again, which filled me until

Dinner, 7 PM: Organic turkey burger with avocado roumalade  + mushrooms and onions

The avocado spread was made with ripe avocado, fresh thyme, lemon juice, garlic, and pepper. Pulsed for 10 seconds or so in the food processor, and spread liberally over lean turkey burgers.  Awesome and filling.

But I was hungry again at 8. WTF, body?  And I really wanted a cookie, or something salty, and anything that Wasn’t An Apple.

I nuked some dates (4) and rolled them in unsweetened coconut.  It did the trick.  A high cal day, but we didn’t fall off the Paleo wagon, and I’m beginning to think we can do this.


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I’m confused. Are you attempting a Paleo diet or “no sugar, no dairy, no wheat”? The almond milk, Lara and Live bars (and amino acid stuff) aren’t really in line with the former. I’m not trying to be nitpicky, just wondering what the rationale is behind including these.

I am almost two weeks into my own modified version of the Paleo diet and although I find myself drooling during just about any food commercial (and have dreams about cheese), it is going surprisingly well. I have eliminated all processed foods but have kept milk, yogurt, potatoes and some whole grains (steel cut oats and barley) since I am breastfeeding a 4 month old and triathlon train. I think Paleo is a sound diet but should be tweaked a little to meet your individual needs.

Keep it up and keep posting your food intake, I actually find it strangely interesting!

Comment by Kathy

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