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March 30, Day 30
March 31, 2010, 5:12 am
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Our workout yesterday was a bit of a doozy, and I wondered if that’s what was making me so ravenously starving this morning — I woke up feeling like I could eat a truck.

We decided against doing that, but we did rustle up a hearty breakfast:

9AM Breakfast – Steak, Eggs, and Sliced Tomato and Avocado

We used the rest of the mushroom peppercorn sauce from last night on the steak.  Eggs over easy.  Was awesome.

Our grocery delivery comes on Tuesdays, so we were a little low on fresh ingredients today, so Corey grabbed what was in the fridge and made lunch.

1PM, Lunch Lettuce Turkey Wraps with Leftover Curry Sauce

It was very simple and surprisingly delicious.  Key was the type of lettuce, we don’t know what this stuff is called but it worked perfectly.

We wanted a curry dish for dinner, we’re mildly obsessed, and Corey had found some Vindaloo spice that would be perfect with the free-range chicken chunks that arrived in our delivery today:

7PM, Dinner Chicken Vindaloo over Spaghetti Squash

We expected to have leftovers to take for lunch tomorrow but no such luck – this was amazingly delicious.

I have to say – both Corey and I felt a bit off today – somber mood and a little draggy.  We tried to analyze if it might be something we ate (as we’re realizing now that everything from morning mood to sex drive seems to be related to what we put in our body) – but couldn’t figure it out.  We concluded we need a vacation. To somewhere hot!  Where we can wear our new bathing suits!

The challenge ends tomorrow.  I wonder if anyone has been as obsessive about this as us.  At stake is a 6 month gym membership at Crossfit, which would come in pretty damned handy.  Fingers crossed.


March 28, Day 28
March 29, 2010, 4:38 am
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We slept in until 10:24 this morning.  This is a new world record for me.

Nolan’s still with his paternal grandparents, and so there’s no middle-of-the night wakeup calls, no desperate pleas for me to put Iron Man’s head back on his body.  The house it’s quiet.  I treasure it and want it gone at the same time, miss my little sidekick like crazy.

I got busy making a late Paleo breakfast at 10:25 am.

First, because it’s Sunday, a treat:

Here’s the perfected recipe by request:

2 cups almond flour

1 tbsp coconut flour (if you have it, lends a rich flavour but you can do without too)

1/2 cup unsweetened apple sauce

2 eggs

1 tsp baking powder

If you want them sweeter, you can add a little Stevia or agave nectar to taste.  I pick a different frozen berry everytime, this morning it was blackberries and raspberries mixed.  I place 4 or 5 berries on top of the muffins after I pour them into their muffin holders, to prevent blue batter.

Bake at 350 for about twenty minutes.

Breakfast, 10:40 AM Spaghetti Omelette

The only meat we had in the fridge was some organic lean ground beef.  I combined tomato paste, mushrooms, onions, cherry tomatoes, and the beef into a thick sauce and then whisked it into a two egg and one egg white omelette.  Corey was a fan, I give it a 7 out of 10.

Pre-run smoothie, 1 PM:

Fuel for our long run today: frozen banana + frozen berries + unsweetened almond milk and a whack load of ice.

(Turns out we got poured on and cancelled our run about 3 kilometers in.  It was pounding so hard I couldn’t see out of one eye.)

We did some work and then went to the gym around 6, so dinner was late:

Fresh Halibut with Asparagus and Mushrooms + Thai Red Curry Sauce

One of the best things about living in Vancouver is our access to lean, tasty, fresh seafood.  We picked up two small halibut steaks at Lonsdale Quay this afternoon.  It is so perfect, it only needs a tiny bit of lemon, garlic, pepper and olive oil.  But I felt creative, so whipped up a thai curry sauce to dip.  The mushrooms and asparagus were strangely good mingled with the curry, too.

One last thing.  I’ve been jonesing for bread. I want to make a decent paleo sandwich before this challenge is done in 3 more days.  So tonight, I experimented.  And made coconut bread:

It’s good: dense, slightly sweet, and really rich.  I’d make sandwiches with this, but using a very thin slice only.  Here’s the recipe, I followed it pretty closely though I omitted one egg and the salt (6 eggs seemed a little much).

We’re off to bed, deciding between Shutter Island and Dexter (oh my god, so addicted to Dexter.  Only in season 2, don’t tell me what happens!)

Have a great week!

March 24, Day 24
March 25, 2010, 6:27 pm
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Internet, if you would have whispered psychically to me one year ago (when I was a single fatskinny vegetarian)  that  on March 24, 2010,  I would be tossing back a large sausage for breakfast, prior to my intense daily workout,  beside my totally ripped computer genius boyfriend?  I would have twisted your nose, slipped you a twenty, and offered you immediate friendship.Because I have a soft spot for lunatics.

Breakfast, 8:30 am: Spicy organic sausage with pumpkin seeds and pecans

As I mentioned, our Crossfit coach has been extolling the virtues of a high protein + fat breakfast and had me semi-convinced that this was a semi sane idea.  But in fact, it wasn’t really.  My brother came upstairs to fix the fire alarm I brought him the battery while knawing on sausage; he eyed my preposterous breakfast and said: “You’re beginning to do really weird things.”

But he also said last week, “Your muscles are kind of embarrassing.”  He used to be the fit one.  We’ll get him back on the bandwagon yet.

We had a noon Crossfit workout, and then I was swamped with work and if there is one detriment to the Paleo diet, it’s that you can’t just open the fridge and eat.  Everything requires mad preparation and yesterday I just didn’t have time. Lunch was a few sliced turkey slices, a handful of walnuts, and several tomato slices.

Dinner made up for the slack lunch, though.

Dinner, 7:30 PM:  Coconut Curry Turkey with Mushrooms , Orange Pepper & Sundried Tomatoes on Spaghetti Squash

There were no leftovers.

(I did have a Lara Bar before bed.  Cocoa coconut.  Mad goodness, and also mad calories)

March 23, Day 23
March 24, 2010, 3:58 am
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We were going to do a 7am Crossfit workout this morning but my back was still a bit sore and sleep felt too delicious and we decided to do a night class instead.  After having company for a week, I didn’t feel like making a complex breakfast, so I did up an easy one – still tasted fab.

8:30 AM, Breakfast Mixed Berry Banana Smoothie + Almond Raspberry Muffins

I’ve finally mastered the muffins so they come out fluffy and delicious.  Cinnamon sprinkles are key, as is one tbsp coconut flour added to the almond flour.  I use 3 eggs instead of four for a batch of 12.

Lunch, noon Homemade Chicken Soup

I was all proud of my mad domestic roasted chicken making skills last night (I won’t tell you about how I made Corey carve it when it was still pink in the middle, crap) — and I decided to push my boundaries and transform the carcass into soup.

Holy shit, you guys.  This was wicked.

I’d give you the recipe because man it was awesome but I don’t know what I did.  I just hucked in all the vegetables in the fridge, plus some sundried tomatoes and corn, a bunch of leftover chicken and a whackload of fresh herbs (thyme, basil, rosemary, sage, etc.)  Then I simmered it for 3+ hours. Bonus: the house smelled divine.

We did a 5:30 Crossfit after a quick visit to the chiropractor at 4 (my first time, and he popped my rib back in about 5 seconds flat).  Then came home and Corey through steaks on the barbie:

Last night while I was roasting the chicken I made a whack load of the tomato pesto stuff.  We eat it on salad, on top of meat, as a dip for snacks like steamed broccoli and raw carrots.  We still have some left to last us the rest of the challenge.

I bought a bunch of seeds and nuts and dried fruit at a store I discovered on Lonsdale today.  For the last part of the challenge, we’re going to try to eat meat and seeds for breakfast – apparently this gives extra fat and strength for the day. I am dubious, but we should probably go out with a bang for our last week, right.  Wouldn’t be us if we didn’t.

Have a sweet tooth right this minute and am going to knaw on a few dried bananas.  After nearly a month of eating like this, I’m finding that fruit is mostly conquering my mad sweet tooth. But I can tell you that for sure, this time next week, I will be scarfing mad brownies.

March 20, Day 20

I startled awake at 6am, which is super insane, because we were up well past midnight and there was no real reason for me to be up before 7 (my son’s Dad was dropping him off at 7am)

So I put on a load of laundry and set to work baking coconut blueberry muffins.

Caveat: these sound better than they tasted, and I was a bit disappointed.  They were sweet and tasty, but too dense and, as Corey said they “suck all the moisture out of your mouth)

Next time I’d add more applesauce and maybe some almond flour instead of pure coconut flour.  I used:

1/2 cup coconut flour

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp almond extract

1/2 cup apple sauce

1/4 cup plain almond milk

1 mashed banana

1 cup frozen blueberries, dusted in coconut flour (to prevent blue bleeding into the berries)

Mix all ingredients in bowl, blueberries last, and place in muffin tin.  Makes about 12 big muffins.

We went to the 10am Crossfit workout, my back still a bit sore but not noticeably. The workout was “Chuck Norris”, a killer of a workout with a long list of excruciating exercises done 50 in a row.  I modified knees to elbows to a v-sit, which sent pangs of pain up my back until I stopped lifting my head as much.  The jump pull ups were also killer on the back, but everything else was kosher.

We were starving when we came home:

12 noon, brunch: Chicken avocado omelette with mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and garlic

I had a few dates as snacks, and an americano mid afternoon, but saved my appetite as we were making dinner for Corey’s parents:

7PM, Dinner: Seared Ahi Tuna with Garlic Lemon Asparagus on fresh Spinach, with Sundried Tomato Onion Dip

Corey bought some fresh ahi tuna steaks at the Dundarave Fish Market last night.  They were pricey (40 bucks for 2 thick steaks) but they fed four of us well and they were so perfect on their own, all they needed was a tiny bit of pepper and a little bit of heat.  The tomato dip has become a staple and is always delicious.

We’re moving into our final week of this!  I am really amazed at the differences in my body.

Today at the gym, my hernia was rubbing against my shirt and driving me insane as usual so I took off my tank top (had a sports bra underneath) and when I was doing my Good Mornings, I could clearly see my abs, defined and pretty void of puffiness of any kind.  This has never occured before.  I have to credit the diet, because I’m not doing much different, activity wise.

I’m with Corey now, I think.  I’ll continue this way of eating.  It’s pretty smart.

(PS I also made dessert for everyone tonight – banana coconut pudding with raspberries and banana slices.  I used the rest of the coconut muffins crumbled on the bottom, it was pretty rad. )

March 16, Day 16
March 17, 2010, 5:10 am
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The munchkin had nightmares last night, and then rolled into our bedroom this morning at 5:30, all discombobulated and trying to insert himself backwards onto our bed.  I stumbled with him in one arm back to his bedroom and fell asleep awkwardly and board-narrow beside him, my Blackberry in hand because I knew the alarm clock would be going off at 6:30.

We went to the 7am Crossfit class this morning, and just had water before.  The warm-up was intense on its own, but the workout, a balls out 500m row, got my adrenaline pumping for the day.  I set a new women’s gym record, 1 minute 46 seconds (Corey was third for men, which is a way faster territory!) and I honestly felt I could have gone harder.  I credit this diet for my newfound energy, I really do.

Breakfast, post Crossfit, 9 am: Banana almond pancakes with sliced strawberries, kiwis and grapes:

Mashed bananas (2), 2 eggs, a quarter of a cup of almond flour, some almond extract if you want it — these are rad topped with any kind of fruit.  Cook the pancakes on a medium flame for about 5 mins before flipping, they are a little tricky as they’re very moist.

We had half a grapefruit each around 10:30 am.

Lunch, 12:30 PM, Tuna Balls

Today is our grocery store delivery day so we were a bit behind on staples.  I improvised and threw together the following ingredients:

-1 can local white solid tuna, packed in water

-Green onions, diced (I used all in my fridge)

-1/2 can pumpkin ( we had leftovers.  Make sure you use the unsweetened stuff)

-Sliced carrots (again, leftovers)

-Half a tin of unsalted corn

-3-4 egg whites (we had no eggs in the fridge)

-1/4 cup almond flour.

Roll into balls.  Makes 12 delicious morsels.

If I had more time, I would have made a garlic tomato dip, but I just inhaled 5 of these mofos while I was on a Conference call and called it lunch.

I had a handful of dates and some raisins around 3 pm due to starvation.  We took the kidlet to the pool at around 6.  I didn’t feel embarassed to be walking around in a bathing suit, and that feels damned good.

Dinner, 7:30 PM Coconut Curry Chicken with Mushroom and Red Pepper on Spaghetti Squash

This was amazing. Hit me up if you want the recipe, otherwise I am too tired. It’s Paleo, though, every bit, of course.

One thing of note: it is exhausting diarizing everything I eat on the Internet.  If I’m going to continue to eat Paleo, I’d maybe only diarize once a week or so.  But I do absolutely think I will keep up with it to some extent.

March 8, Day 8
March 9, 2010, 6:55 am
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We ran out of eggs this morning, and our jaws dropped when we realized we’d only bought that dozen two days before.  I used 4 for the breakfast muffins…but god.  We realized: we’ve been eating a lot of eggs.

Breakfast, 8 am:  Raspberry Banana Mint  smoothie

Frozen organic raspberries, 2 ripe bananas, a sprig of fresh mint and a hit of unsweetened almond juice.  Super tasty.

I love smoothies but they don’t keep me full for very long, so I had a midmorning snack around 10:30:

Ants on a log!  Haven’t had these since I was a kid – made this one with almond butter since regular peanut butter is a no-no – but this was delicious and crunchy and filled me up till lunch.

We had a Crossfit workout at noon so lunch was a bit later again.

2PM, Lunch: Mango Pineapple and Chicken Salad

I simmered some frozen pineapple, mango and kiwi fruit with a sprig of mint for a few minutes.  Then diced up some organic chicken, cooked it in a bit of olive oil and lemon, and tossed the browned chunks into the fruit reduction.  Poured it over some lettuce, added a few seeds and voila!  A delicious, sweet salad with no need for “dressing.”

4 pm: I’m hungry again.  Will the hunger never cease? Corey assures me it’s the workouts I’m doing, my muscles need the food, and I would like to agree it is that and not rabid gluttony.

I made these to conquer my afternoon craving for something bready:

We picked up dinner ingredients after a dash for sundry to Canadian Tire.  We had some leftover scallops from the skewers last night, and some buffalo meat in the fridge and so we thought we’d pick up some jalapenos, tomatoes, and organic sausage and make a spicy jambalaya on spaghetti squash!

It smelled so good I couldn’t sit still enough to focus on it.  Yum.

We both felt good today: strong and in good spirits and feeling really good about how much thought we are putting into what we’re eating.  It feels like a project for us, and we’re actually really enjoying it at this point. (Talk to me on Friday, though.  That’s when I’ll be thinking about nachos and sour cream)