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March 31, Day 31 :: Mission Complete.
April 1, 2010, 11:42 pm
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On the 31st day of the Crossfit Vancouver Paleo Challenge, I wanted to make an awesome breakfast.  I got up early and started cracking eggs because I wanted to make Paleo Eggs Benedict.

8:30 AM Breakfast Paleo Egg Benedict with the Tomato and Kristin’s Blood and Tears

OK, here’s the thing: you’ll note the sauce is kind of solid.  Holy god is it frustrating to make hollandaise without butter or salt. I had to ditch two batches because they kept hardening.  I used extra virgin olive oil instead of butter, but it made it tricky.  In the end, the hollandaise was solid, but tasted damned good.  I sliced organic Canadian back bacon thin and then covered it with a perfectly poached egg and ripe tomatoes.  This felt like luxury.

At lunch, I was starving because of a Crossfit workout that included three timed runs, but I had no interest in tackling something complex — benedict covered saucepans still littered the kitchen.  We grabbed a few turkey slices, a fruit smoothie, and some carrot sticks and that tided us over till dinner.

6 PM, Dinner Imaginative Streak Over

I think I burned out a bit on the complex meals.  Dinner was scrambled eggs with onion and mushrooms, sliced turkey and a dollop of the staple tomato pesto

Typically satisfying and non-typically quick to prepare.

I am pretty proud to have made it through this month.  I wasn’t sure I could do it: I have a killer sweet tooth and cheese is one of my favourite things on the planet.  I did it, we did it, and did it well and we both feel really good about it.  Having each other’s support — and the fact that we work from home and can easily prepare our own meals — really helped, too.



  • Meals can be time consuming.
  • Paleo is expensive if you choose to eat organic, grass-fed and locally raised meat and dairy.  Our grocery bill went up about 4x our average this month.
  • There is a lot of planning and creativity required
  • It’s hard to go out for dinner and stick to a strictly Paleo diet, unless you open yourself up to dairy and butter, which we did not.
  • Since everything is fresh…a lot of grocery shopping and creative use of produce that you need to use right away because of a limited shelf life.
  • The first week was hard as all hell.  It’s almost like I envision withdrawal from drugs.  It sucked and there’s no way around the suckage.  Eat some dates.  But they don’t really help when your body is screaming for rice pudding.  Ignore the screaming and it’ll be worth it.


  • After the first week, you’ll start to feel kind of…peppy and happy and you’ll wonder why and realize that your diet controls your moods way more than you ever thought.
  • The meals are truly delicious – simple and fresh = really good eating.
  • Noticeably improved energy.
  • Noticeable improvements in leanness.  Corey was already ripped to holy hell, but his back is even leaner and than before, and his abs are showing through like I’ve never seen them before.  His legs have also added muscle.  I was never  ripped, and I am starting to be.  I can see my top stomach muscles now, and my arm muscles are bigger.  My stomach is flat and taut, none of the bloat I used to carry around.
  • Quality time: it’s fun to cook and come up with new recipes together.

We don’t own a scale, but I’d be willing to wager I actually put on a few pounds this month.  We did do before and after pics and I posted them on flickr if you’re interested.

I’ll keep writing here even after the contest wraps, when I do a meal I’m particularly enamoured with, or when I have something Paleo to share.  Corey is going to develop a bit of a recipe application on the aqufit site, so stay tuned there too.  We are going to continue to eat this way because we like the way it makes us feel.

Thanks for riding along on this journey with us, you guys!

***Edited to add: I didn’t properly note our inspiration for all of this, Coach Lu.  We went to Crossfit one afternoon after a bit of a scrap; I was sick of the gym and Corey was deservedly tired of my whining.  I wanted us to seek new avenues, and Corey went along with me.

Dave inspired us with his openness and immediately evident enthusiasm.  He was the one who got us on the Paleo track and the dude I can credit with keeping us on it.  He is a stellar coach and a really good human and we are both grateful for him.


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Thanks again for logging all this! I imagine it was quite time consuming.

Agreed – the days I work from home, eating Paleo is no problem. And the weeks that i have the chance to run to the farmers market frequently, also no problem. But when the logistics don’t line up, MAN it is TOUGH!

Looking forward to seeing how this gets incorporated at Aquafit!

Comment by lizteubner

Well done! Now go have a piece of cheese. 🙂

p.s. I couldn’t find your pics??

Comment by Kate

Liz! It was. I should have done a few more recipes but I was so spent at the end of each day anyway. I am glad you got something out of it and YES will keep you posted on the Aqufit stuff and hopefully get you involved too. I owe you an email.

Kate, if you don’t have me as a flickr contact, here, there are some pics here too:

Comment by kristincorey

You are my hero Kristin! Great job… I SO want to try this because im a total sugar addict… Need to break the cycle. Any advice on sticking to the diet in a household with kids? Did you prepare separate meals for your son? You must have willpower of steel.

Comment by Caroline

Caroline, give it a go. Really. I was a sugar addict too — fully, completely. The first week sucked but take it day by day and tell yourself you’re doing it for you. By Day 5 I promise it gets much easier.

1) Get rid of anything non-paleo in your fridge. That includes cookies for the kids. Clean it all out if you can.
2) This diet actually works well with kids. Nolan loved the spaghetti and shepherd’s pie and he is just as happy with a bowl of chopped strawberries as he is with fruit roll ups. I will admit that I fed him the occasional frozen pizza or bowl of zoodles on demand from him, but then I started realizing – why am I putting that crap in his body when I’m not putting it in mine? He is almost totally paleo now too.

Willpower is created, everyone has the same amount. You have it in you too. Do it, and keep me posted!

Comment by kristincorey

I am proud of you guys. I administered the challenge and for most fit people like yourselves, they don’t take the challenge. They figure their diet is good enough. 31 days of this diet will change everyones way of thinking if they truly go for it. Sugar is a drug. I say no more. America is addicted and needs to learn what it is to eat again. Even if it means we have to go back to the Caveman days to re discover ourselves.
Long term I believe in moderation. I have some digestive issues which keep me a little more strict than others. When I eat junk food I make a conscious choice to do so and I am aware of the consequences.
Think twice about what you eat. You are a soul, a good soul, but you need your body to survive on earth. Respect your body and your time here.
Congrats KD and Popeye!
I wish you health, happiness, and all of your dreams to come to fruition.

Coach Lu

Comment by Dave

Coach Lu! I am going back to edit this post because I didn’t give you the credit you deserve for our motivation in this.

Corey and I both instantly liked you: you’re a big part of the reason we’re so into Crossfit and this Paleo deal. You’re a truly good human, and it comes across instantly. And, an amazing coach – it’s a rare skill to be able to inspire people like you do. Thank you!

I think our dreams, health and happiness will indeed come to full fruition and you’ll deserve a chunk of the credit for that.

Comment by kristincorey

Kristin, I am so impressed. I want to go Paleo too and I have been wanting to try Crossfit. I really love this blog for yummy paleo recipes:
I have yet to try them, but they always look yummy! I suspect I will be asking you some more about Paleo in the future.

Comment by Karen

Great work you 2! I am slightly sad (ok, really sad) that your 31 day challenge has come to an end. I truly looked forward to reading this blog daily and would get “anxious” to read what you ate/made! Keep us all updated on here or on Aqufit please and thank you 🙂

Comment by Michelle

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