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March 26, Day 26
March 28, 2010, 4:25 am
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We woke up sometime after 9, in a gigantic king size bed.  The bed was so massive that Corey had no need to build a sheet moat during the night to protect himself from my blazing inferno.  Awesome.

We decided to do a half-day of snowboarding, so we could linger and wander and eat an awesome breakfast – maybe sit in the hottub?

Breakfast, 9:30 AM: Bacon, eggs & fruit

Breakfast is pretty easy to order Paleo: just nix the toast and hashbrowns and you’re good to go.  Bacon is a fattier meat than we would normally eat but we knew we’d be burning a lot of calories on the hill, so we indulged a bit.

We skipped lunch because we were shredding up the mountain, and were pretty hungry when we came back off the hill at 3:30 or so.  We decided to go for a super nice dinner at Araxi, one of the best restaurants in Whistler.

I can’t be sure the mushroom sauce was 100% paleo, but the dinner was pretty in line with what we’ve been eating: a roast chicken breast in a mushroom truffle sauce.  We had oysters to start.  So good, and pretty, but sadly I didn’t take pictures.  Araxi is not the kind of place where you whip out a camera at the table.

We wandered the town and decided to go back to our room to have a hot tub but we stocked up on a few groceries before we headed back: beef jerky, sliced pineapple, pepperoni, salmon jerky.  A paleo late night binge! It’s less guilty.


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