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March 25, Day 25
March 28, 2010, 3:59 am
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We went to the crack-of-dawn Crossfit this morning, 7am before the birds were out and the black had snapped back.  I had purple luggage under both eyes and we didn’t manage to get coffee in before we hit the gym.  We had an Americano at 8:00 and then I made breakfast as soon as I got home.  I don’t know what you call it, exactly, but it was savory and awesome.

Breakfast, 8:30 AM Pan-fried chicken chunks in tomato pesto topped with an egg. Accompanied by crushed avocado and peppered tomatoes.  It’s a Jack of All Breakfasts

Actually, Corey really liked this.  My inspiration was eggs benedict, with no sauce and no bread, and this is what ended up on our plates.  It turned out to be a happy surprise.

I’d taken Friday off work, Corey and I were going up to Whistler and Nolan was venturing on a ferry to spend the weekend with his grandparents, so lunch was a few turkey slices, some carrot sticks, a few hazelnuts.  We were starved by 4:00, so we stopped for late sashimi in Horseshoe Bay.

Tuna and Salmon Sashimi

One of the foods I’ve really missed on this diet is sushi: spicy scallop rolls, avocado rolls drenched in soy sauce and smeared with nose-tingly wasabi.  Corey has replaced sushi with sashimi (hold the soy sauce) – and I keep trying but I just can’t like it.  I don’t get the point of raw fish without soy sauce, and it’s always an effort to choke it back. I keep hoping I’ll enjoy it but so far, I need my fish at least a little cooked.

Corey brought snacks for the drive up to Whistler: raw carrots, apples, a grapefruit and a banana.  Not going to lie: I miss you, roadtrip Doritos.

We checked in to our room and explored a bit, then sat down at the White Spot across from our hotel and proceeded to inspect the menu for something legal.  I ended up ordering a BC burger with no bun and no Special O sauce and no fries, salad instead, no dressing please.  Corey ordered a chicken salad with no dressing and didn’t eat his side of pita bread.  Our server looked at us like we were insane and we kind of are.  Admission: eating Paleo in restaurants is a bit of a bitch.

But I can’t complain, because, snowboarding + hot tubs + languid naps plus the general awesomeness of Whistler, you know?

(Not Whistler, Horseshoe Bay where we the three of us hung out before Corey and I climbed the Sea to Sky.  We’re so lucky to live here, you know?)


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