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March 24, Day 24
March 25, 2010, 6:27 pm
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Internet, if you would have whispered psychically to me one year ago (when I was a single fatskinny vegetarian)  that  on March 24, 2010,  I would be tossing back a large sausage for breakfast, prior to my intense daily workout,  beside my totally ripped computer genius boyfriend?  I would have twisted your nose, slipped you a twenty, and offered you immediate friendship.Because I have a soft spot for lunatics.

Breakfast, 8:30 am: Spicy organic sausage with pumpkin seeds and pecans

As I mentioned, our Crossfit coach has been extolling the virtues of a high protein + fat breakfast and had me semi-convinced that this was a semi sane idea.  But in fact, it wasn’t really.  My brother came upstairs to fix the fire alarm I brought him the battery while knawing on sausage; he eyed my preposterous breakfast and said: “You’re beginning to do really weird things.”

But he also said last week, “Your muscles are kind of embarrassing.”  He used to be the fit one.  We’ll get him back on the bandwagon yet.

We had a noon Crossfit workout, and then I was swamped with work and if there is one detriment to the Paleo diet, it’s that you can’t just open the fridge and eat.  Everything requires mad preparation and yesterday I just didn’t have time. Lunch was a few sliced turkey slices, a handful of walnuts, and several tomato slices.

Dinner made up for the slack lunch, though.

Dinner, 7:30 PM:  Coconut Curry Turkey with Mushrooms , Orange Pepper & Sundried Tomatoes on Spaghetti Squash

There were no leftovers.

(I did have a Lara Bar before bed.  Cocoa coconut.  Mad goodness, and also mad calories)


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I’m loving the diet and all the fun changes in your body! So cool! I’m looking to perhaps take some of your motivation to kick mine up a bit – though my ass is getting muscley again – which looks amazing in a skirt, just makes me feel fat at times, LOL.
You look great, you should be proud of your progress!

Comment by K

Okay, sorry Kristen but that breakfast looks totally unappealing. Nuts and a sausage! There’s a joke here somewhere…

Comment by Kathy

Yeah, Kathy, was thinking the same thing.:-)

K, thank you. Vino, soooooon!

Comment by kristincorey

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