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March 19, Day 19
March 21, 2010, 2:52 am
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The morning was a little bit hectic, with a somewhat crotchety pre-schooler,  visiting (kind-of) in laws, and a slightly messed up back (think I tweaked it doing thrusters the other day and it’s sporadically kind of wrenching, like a harsh stitch that comes when I cough and do sit ups and roll over the wrong way in bed. Weird.

So we just made a fruit shake for breakfast (berries + banana + vanilla and ice) and I stopped at Starbucks for an Americano on the way home.  In all of this, the lack of milk in my coffee has been the biggest adjustment.  I still miss it.

Lunch, noon: Chicken, almond + strawberry salad

Corey had to go to the office today (typically we both work largely from home) and I wanted something simple for lunch, so I cooked up an organic chicken breast in lemon and garlic and put it over a simple salad of raspberries, strawberries, pineapple sliced grapes, and slivered almonds.  No dressing needed, the moisture of the fruit was enough.

Corey’s parents wanted to take us out for dinner,  and we wondered where we could go that would be Paleo friendly.  We ventured out once since we’ve been on this diet and we wanted oysters.  The restaurant was out of oysters and there was nothing else on the menu we could eat.

We finally landed on The Dundarave Fish Market, a popular fresh seafood place in West Van.  Corey and I both ordered plain halibut.  Normally it came with rice but we asked for salad instead (mixed for me, cucumber for Corey, no dressing)  and had raw oysters and lemon to start.  The halibut came with a red thai curry sauce and I am not positive it was totally legal but it was *mostly* legal for sure and so I dipped a bit of my halibut in the sauce and oh my god.  There is nothing like super fresh fish.  We’re so lucky to live here.


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