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March 17, Day 17
March 18, 2010, 4:44 pm
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I was feeling uncreative at breakfast.  And strangely, had some pretty strong cravings for completely illegal stuff: eggs benedict with hollandaise, french toast and crumpets. Egg burritos. MMmm burritos.

So I made a fake  breakfast burrito:

8 am, breakfast: Turkey Egg Scramble Burrito

I scrambled up some eggs and egg whites (I usually use 3 eggs and about 1/4 cup egg whites to make enough omelette or scrambled eggs for both Corey and I for breakfast), added mushrooms, onions, and tomato.  Then I  put the cooked egg mixture on top of an organic turkey slice, and rolled it up like a burrito.  Tasty and easy to eat.

We did a noon Crossfit class – one that involved as many rounds as possible of box jumps, pull ups, and thrusters which is kind of like hell on wheels times eleven hundred and then afterward, you feel like you can conquer the planet.

We didn’t have a proper lunch, Corey’s parents were coming into town and I was cleaning and fussing a bit, and ended up eating a few dates, a handful of carrots, and then finally a turkey burger wrapped in lettuce.  It was a bit plain, but fine.

We played some soccer and grabbed some groceries (we’re going to make Corey’s parents our fave Paleo meal tomorrow night, the Curry Turkey Shepherd’s Pie with Yams) and then came home around 7.  Corey’s parents were here and so we wanted to visit and did something simple – baked yam and bbq’d steak and again, I was so busy chatting that I forgot to take pictures.

Later we sat in the living room and snacked on sliced strawberries, grapes, and sweet cantaloupe.  We were both exhausted by 10:00 and I fell asleep a quarter of the way through watching Dexter.

Non food related:

Spring has sprung!  Rad.


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