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March 16, Day 16
March 17, 2010, 5:10 am
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The munchkin had nightmares last night, and then rolled into our bedroom this morning at 5:30, all discombobulated and trying to insert himself backwards onto our bed.  I stumbled with him in one arm back to his bedroom and fell asleep awkwardly and board-narrow beside him, my Blackberry in hand because I knew the alarm clock would be going off at 6:30.

We went to the 7am Crossfit class this morning, and just had water before.  The warm-up was intense on its own, but the workout, a balls out 500m row, got my adrenaline pumping for the day.  I set a new women’s gym record, 1 minute 46 seconds (Corey was third for men, which is a way faster territory!) and I honestly felt I could have gone harder.  I credit this diet for my newfound energy, I really do.

Breakfast, post Crossfit, 9 am: Banana almond pancakes with sliced strawberries, kiwis and grapes:

Mashed bananas (2), 2 eggs, a quarter of a cup of almond flour, some almond extract if you want it — these are rad topped with any kind of fruit.  Cook the pancakes on a medium flame for about 5 mins before flipping, they are a little tricky as they’re very moist.

We had half a grapefruit each around 10:30 am.

Lunch, 12:30 PM, Tuna Balls

Today is our grocery store delivery day so we were a bit behind on staples.  I improvised and threw together the following ingredients:

-1 can local white solid tuna, packed in water

-Green onions, diced (I used all in my fridge)

-1/2 can pumpkin ( we had leftovers.  Make sure you use the unsweetened stuff)

-Sliced carrots (again, leftovers)

-Half a tin of unsalted corn

-3-4 egg whites (we had no eggs in the fridge)

-1/4 cup almond flour.

Roll into balls.  Makes 12 delicious morsels.

If I had more time, I would have made a garlic tomato dip, but I just inhaled 5 of these mofos while I was on a Conference call and called it lunch.

I had a handful of dates and some raisins around 3 pm due to starvation.  We took the kidlet to the pool at around 6.  I didn’t feel embarassed to be walking around in a bathing suit, and that feels damned good.

Dinner, 7:30 PM Coconut Curry Chicken with Mushroom and Red Pepper on Spaghetti Squash

This was amazing. Hit me up if you want the recipe, otherwise I am too tired. It’s Paleo, though, every bit, of course.

One thing of note: it is exhausting diarizing everything I eat on the Internet.  If I’m going to continue to eat Paleo, I’d maybe only diarize once a week or so.  But I do absolutely think I will keep up with it to some extent.


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So, we made the turkey curry thing last night, and I’d like to give you my husband’s review of it, but he was too busy eating like my dog (intense focus on shoveling food down his gullet with as much speed as possible) to form a sentence.

I think that’s a thumbs up.

Regarding blogging everyday: I have NO DOUBT it a time consuming thing to do, but you know, in some ways I find this the most persuasive way to write about how you consider diet and exercise within the scope of your life, and the compromises and rewards associated with doing so. Obviously no one expects you to do this forever, but this month long catalog serves as a great example for what you mean when you say “You CAN change your diet; you CAN make fitness a priority in your life” — leading by example, in the best way possible.

In other news: My CF gym is run out of our local boathouse; the coach who coaches the crew teams is also a certified CF’er. Which means my workout peer group is rowers. Which means I get my ass handed to me on the erg Every Single Time. It’s horrible. The first time I got below 2min/500 I was so happy, only to see them cruising along at a warm up much, much faster. Grrrr. If you throw into the fact that I canNOT jump rope -I have like, no feel for the rhythm of it — you can imagine how I felt when we did this workout: 500m row/100 single unders/750m row/200 single unders/1000m row/300 single unders/750m row/200 single unders/500m row/100 single unders.

OMG. Dude. That workout, in a group of fast rowers, SUCKS.
Anyway. Cheers!

Comment by lizteubner

You’re making me want to change my diet. I wish I also worked at home due to the fact that almost every day our group of 7 brings in some sort of sweet, and I crave it at times!
But I also know that if I prepared, I’d have snacks at work and lunches pre-prepared making me want to stick to it.
Plus, bikini weather is coming and I so want to look as good as I know I can.
Thanks for diarizing though – it’s pretty cool how a few recipes here and there can help so many people want to change their diet!

Comment by K

Sometime when you are not so tired, yes please, post the recipe? Coconut Curry chicken sounds so yummy…

Also I’m curious, does Nolan eat these dinners too? If so, what is your secret?

Comment by Michelle

Michelle, Nolan does eat some of these – his faves are the spaghetti and the shepherd’s pie (not the turkey curry one, the regular beef one with cauliflower topping) No one was more shocked than me. He’s always been a big fan of meat, and he loves fresh fruit so this wasn’t a big transition for him. Although he still asks me to buy him Lunchables every time we’re in the grocery store, what the hell?

Coconut Curry Chicken

1 medium sized yellow onion, diced
2 fresh carrots, chopped into coins
1 red pepper, cut in strips
Half a cup of mushrooms, chopped
Green curry paste. You can make your own ( and leave out the salt, or buy a no-salt added version at your local organic/special diet market.
Two small boneless, skinless organic and free range chicken breasts
1 can lite coconut milk (250 ml)
1 spaghetti squash
1 garlic clove, chopped
sprinkle cayenne pepper
fresh basil and black pepper to taste

Cook diced chicken breasts in a dash of olive oil and a few garlic cloves and set aside. Cook vegetables in a dash of olive oil. I usually cook the onions first, then add everything else when they’re carmelized. Add chicken.

Chop spaghetti squash in half and gut, drizzle olive oil and cracked pepper over both halves and nuke for 15 minutes.

Next, add the full can of lite coconut milk and curry paste to the chicken and veg mixture. We like it spicy and used the whole pouch. I also added a bit of cayenne pepper, and a lot of black pepper as well. Let the ingredients simmer for 15 mins, while the squash cooks.

Scoop out the flesh of the squash and pour the chicken curry mixture over the “noodles”. The squash will absorb the sauce, making every bite awesome. You can sprinkle some shredded coconut on the top if you like.


Comment by kristincorey

1:46 min on the 500m row is FAST dude! wow….

I did my first fight Gone Bad last week…if you haven’t had the pleasure….you are in for a treat!

Our gym is on easy week this week because of Sectionals this coming weekend…cannot imagine a time when I would imagine it an easy day to do

A 10 minute warm up
Press (lifting)
100 squats
50 lunges
25 pull ups

Have OCD…Obsessive Crossfit Disorder.

Comment by natalie

Made these pancakes this morning…YUM!

Comment by natalie

Wicked, Natalie! Did you burn any? I had a few come out a little mis-shapen because my flipping timing sucked, but the taste was worth it.

Comment by kristincorey

I made the Coconut Curry Chicken last night … to. die. for. Thank you for posting the recipe. This will definitely be made many more times at our house. Yum!

Comment by Michelle

Oh, Michelle, awesome! Thanks for sharing the feedback, I’m so glad you guys liked it.

Comment by kristincorey

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