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March 15, Day 15

We’re officially halfway through the Crossfit BC Paleo Challenge and I am feeling really good.  I weighed myself out of curiosity at the end of February, to see whether I’d gain or lose weight on the Paleo Diet.  I weighed 152, and I think I may have dropped 1 or 2 pounds in the last two weeks.  It’s tough to say – and I’m not going to step on a scale till the end of March.  I do know:

1) My energy levels are through the roof.  I did a casual 10K on Sunday in the pouring rain, up and down hills and through the forest, and clocked in under 48 minutes.  My fastest 10K of the year, and honestly, I felt great.  I wasn’t trying to put on the gas, my body just felt efficient.

2) My stomach muscles are taut, and my arms have new definition.  My face is leaner, and the part of my stomach that used to kind of sit over my jeans when hunched in front of my computer – is gone.  I’m definitely leaner than I have ever been in my adult life.

3) I’m enjoying my food.  I like preparing it, I love the taste of it, I like planning our next meals.  I’ve lost the craving for salt and sugar, and only think about cheese once a day instead of every two minutes.  Corey and I plan our meals slightly ahead of time, and have been ordering from, which delivers organic meat, herbs, and produce and is a godsend for this diet.

Breakfast, 8:30 AM Egg & Yam Pots with Crushed Tomatoes and Carmelized Onions:

And a side of blueberries!  Three eggs + a can of organic unsalted diced tomatoes + half a white onion (carmelized), layered on top of half a cooked yam.  Put in the oven at 350 for twenty minutes and you have a great little breakfast pot.  This was filling, I could only eat half, but later polished it off before lunch.

We had strawberry banana + almond milk smoothies at 10:30 am to tide us over before our noon Crossfit class.

Lunch, 2 PM: BBQ steak wraps in lettuce + garlic lemon asparagus spears

We were strapped for time this afternoon, busy with work and so we fired up the BBQ a little before 2, our stomachs rumbling.  Corey threw on steaks and I warmed some onion and tomatoes in a skillet.  I stuffed romaine lettuce leaves with the tomato and onion and placed the seared steak on top. Threw a few asparagus spears in a bit of olive oil, garlic, and fresh lemon and voila, paleo lunch!  After we cleaned up, I put a butternut squash in the oven for later.

I had to do my taxes and go to the bank and run errands and I was pretty starving by 5 so had a Lara bar to tide me to dinner.  Those things are delicious paleo godsends, but they’re pretty high cal, so I’ve only indulged every few days.  They seem even sweeter than they did when I first tried them, which must be due to the lack of sugar in my body.

Dinner, 7 PM Halibut Steak with Tomato Onion Paste and Butternut Squash Soup

The halibut was pan fried in garlic, onion + a bit of olive oil, and put on plain spinach.  We added our standby tomato pesto (sundried tomatoes, fresh garlic, fresh basil, and slightly browned onions pureed in the blender) and served with a butternut soup (1 small cooked squash, 1 tin lite coconut milk, half a cup of almond milk and red thai paste (no salt).  I added some unsweetened shredded coconut and fresh mint to the soup for garnish.

The halibut steaks were super small, we were both a bit hungry after.  I had a few strawberries and fresh pineapple slices for dessert, Corey had some blueberries.  Good day, good food, super workout and I feel like we’re doing it right.


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Yay, you finally made soup! 😉

I made your almond flour/mashed banana/egg “pancakes” this morning and they were awesome! I ate them with fresh strawberries and I actually think they are better than the real thing. My husband wasn’t nearly as impressed but he did manage to eat three of them!

Comment by Kathy

Wicked Kathy! I like them too. They’re a bit hard to flip though, aren’t they? They have to be at precisely the right point or they burn or are unflippable. We made some more this morning, this time with sliced strawberry, grapes, and kiwi on top – so good.

Also: in the Breakfast Pots, I neglected to mention the turkey! There is also ground lean turkey in these, which I browned before carmelizing the onions and just put on top of the base yams. 🙂

Comment by kristincorey

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