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March 12, Day 12

I’m always a little headachy and lethargic the day I return from a business trip, so I wanted something easy, filling, and delicious for breakfast.

8 am Breakfast, Pumpkin Pancakes

I used about half a cup of almond flour, two eggs, a little less than half a tin of plain pumpkin (not the pumpkin pie filling) and a bunch of cinnamon, then cut up a half a pair to eat with them.  Delicious, quick, and surprisingly filling.

I had an apple as a snack mid morning, and, too exhausted from my whirlwind trip to LA, we skipped Crossfit’s noon session and instead made a simple chicken with veggie dish — I served it with a side of mashed yams.

12:00, lunch Lemon Garlic Chicken with Vegetables & Side Mash Yam

The chicken came pre-diced into tenders from a local organic farmer, and it was perfect with juice of one lemon, pepper, and a few chunks of garlic.  I sauteed up some pepper and onions for color and bursts of flavor.

We went for a quick 5k run around 4:00, and then kind of skipped dinner because I was going to meet a friend downtown for a visit and didn’t have time.  I scarfed some grapefruit when I left, but came home starving after 10:00 pm – and cooked up an egg and some sausage.  Dear lord it was good.  No picture though, sorry. It tasted better than it looked anyway.


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