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March 10 &11
March 12, 2010, 5:43 pm
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I was in LA on business yesterday so I’m a few days behind with my posts.

I learned these last 2 days:

1) Paleo on the road is pretty tough

2) Salt and sugar are added to Everything on the Planet.  Why can’t humans leave well enough alone, ever?

First, March 10’s Paleo Plan, before I forget.

Breakfast, 8 AM, Fresh Salsa & Guacamole Frittata

This dish took a while because of all the dicing. I chopped up tomatoes, purple onion, and fresh basil for the salsa.  Added a little olive oil and pepper and, omg you guys, it was awesome.  I wished I had a fresh jalapeno pepper on hand for a kick but it was absurdly delicious just like that.  I then chopped and squashed a whole avocado, added juice of half a lemon, some finely chopped garlic and pepper and had a kick ass looking bowl of guacamole.

Then I poured an egg + green onion mixture into a pan and made a frittata. Covered with two organic turkey deli slices and some of my fresh topping and duuude.

Heaven on a breakfast plate.

We had a Crossfit workout at noon, and I threw a few yams in the oven before class and when we came home, they were done.

1:30 PM lunch: Turkey salad with leftover homemade raspberry vinaigrette & yams with walnuts

The salad had sliced apples, sliced grapes, spinach and pine nuts, topped with the dressing I made for our skewers the other night.  I mashed the yams with a little lite coconut milk and whole walnuts.

Then at 4, I had to leave for the airport.  I had smoothie before I left and tucked a Lara bar and some fruit into my purse. I planned to buy some nuts and maybe some dried fruit at the airport while I was waiting for my plane, but everything was filled with salt and sugar.  I could have eaten a plain salad with no dressing (picking off any crunchy noodles or illegal legumes) but I just didn’t want another salad.

I got to my hotel room in LA around 10 PM and resisting the cookies and chocolate bars sitting on top of the dresser was harder than giving birth.   There was nothing paleo friendly on the hotel menu and I felt weird about ordering a chicken breast and I can’t eat meat if I don’t know where it’s sourced, anyway. I went to bed with my stomach growling, and with a dull headache.

March 11

I had four meetings, all over LA.   I have no pictures of my food for yesterday, because I didn’t have it with me.  Breakfast was good; my boss took me to a really nice rooftop restaurant in Santa Monica and I ordered a spa omelette — egg whites, fresh spinach, tomato, and mushrooms.  I asked them to hold the toast and they replaced it with fresh fruit – awesome.

Lunch was a bit harder as my boss wanted sushi — and rice is illegal.  I ordered a cucumber salad with sesame seeds and oil and ate sashimi with wasabi.

Dinner was haphazard as I was getting on the plane – a fruit cup from starbucks and a plain garden salad from a food court restaurant.  I am so happy to be back in my kitchen this morning.


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