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March 8, Day 8
March 9, 2010, 6:55 am
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We ran out of eggs this morning, and our jaws dropped when we realized we’d only bought that dozen two days before.  I used 4 for the breakfast muffins…but god.  We realized: we’ve been eating a lot of eggs.

Breakfast, 8 am:  Raspberry Banana Mint  smoothie

Frozen organic raspberries, 2 ripe bananas, a sprig of fresh mint and a hit of unsweetened almond juice.  Super tasty.

I love smoothies but they don’t keep me full for very long, so I had a midmorning snack around 10:30:

Ants on a log!  Haven’t had these since I was a kid – made this one with almond butter since regular peanut butter is a no-no – but this was delicious and crunchy and filled me up till lunch.

We had a Crossfit workout at noon so lunch was a bit later again.

2PM, Lunch: Mango Pineapple and Chicken Salad

I simmered some frozen pineapple, mango and kiwi fruit with a sprig of mint for a few minutes.  Then diced up some organic chicken, cooked it in a bit of olive oil and lemon, and tossed the browned chunks into the fruit reduction.  Poured it over some lettuce, added a few seeds and voila!  A delicious, sweet salad with no need for “dressing.”

4 pm: I’m hungry again.  Will the hunger never cease? Corey assures me it’s the workouts I’m doing, my muscles need the food, and I would like to agree it is that and not rabid gluttony.

I made these to conquer my afternoon craving for something bready:

We picked up dinner ingredients after a dash for sundry to Canadian Tire.  We had some leftover scallops from the skewers last night, and some buffalo meat in the fridge and so we thought we’d pick up some jalapenos, tomatoes, and organic sausage and make a spicy jambalaya on spaghetti squash!

It smelled so good I couldn’t sit still enough to focus on it.  Yum.

We both felt good today: strong and in good spirits and feeling really good about how much thought we are putting into what we’re eating.  It feels like a project for us, and we’re actually really enjoying it at this point. (Talk to me on Friday, though.  That’s when I’ll be thinking about nachos and sour cream)


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MMM that chicken salad looks yummy…I am so impressed by this 31 day “diet” and am very interested as well. I’ll be following to see how you are going…the thought of it is scary, but it sounds like the benefits and so worth it! Thanks for doing this 🙂

Comment by dsduffy

How do you cook the squash?

Comment by Kate

DSDuffy – our pleasure! We’re competitive assholes by nature so any challenge is fun for us.

Kate – uber easy, even for a rookie like me. Slice the squash in half (the only tough part – they’re super hard) Scoop out the middle seeds and stringy crap, and then sprinkle the rest with olive oil and pepper. Nuke for 10-12 minutes depending on the side. Then scoop out with a spoon, it comes out automatically shaped and textured like spaghetti. It honestly tastes great too, I’d tell you if it tasted like ass.

Comment by kristincorey

Thanks, Kristin! I was wondering how you shredded it so evenly. Now I want to cook one!

Comment by Kate

Have you tried making your own Lara bars? They are really easy and taste just as good (but not as pricey!)

Great work, Love the recipes

Comment by Beth

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