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March 7, Day 7
March 8, 2010, 5:46 am
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Our newly installed fire detector has a demon inside it and it started chirping shrill and horrifyingly at midnight, sporadically piping up every hour or two between then and five AM.  We both tried to rip it out of the wall, to no avail, and admitted defeat under the pillows.  But it’s the reason for the giant purple suitcases under our eyes this morning – those have nothing to do with our diet, which continues to get better.  We’re winding up Day 7, so I think we’re over the hump.

We’re eating pretty well, really. We’re concentrating on our food a lot more than usual, and we’re making some pretty tasty stuff as a result.  Corey is throwing stuff around like: “Maybe we could do this permanently!”  I’m not totally convinced, yet.

I was up early, and had a Lara bar and coffee to tide me over for the few hours till Corey got up.  Then I started cooking up some sweet potato hashbrowns for our Sunday brunch.

Breakfast, 10 am

Sweet potato, mushroom and onion quiche muffins with crumbled spicy sausage.  Served with strawberries and an extra sausage for Corey.  These were tasty – we had lots of leftovers and we’ll bring them with us as to-go snacks.

I had to run around and do errands this afternoon and so I popped one in my purse and ate it at the mall while I walked past the wafting icing smell of Cinnabon.  It brought me out of the danger zone.

I got home a little after 2; Corey had been toiling at the computer and we didn’t want to do anything elaborate so we polished off the leftover turkey spaghetti from last night.  After lunch, we split a pink grapefruit which always tastes better than I expect it to taste – sweet, tart, a perfect way to finish off a good meal.

We went to the gym for a light workout as it was pouring and neither of us felt like running in the rain today.  We did some abs and some chest stuff and then shopped for dinner ingredients as our friend was going to be joining us for dinner.

6:30 Dinner: Steak and Scallop Kebabs with Mushrooms, Pepper, and Pineapple

Corey skewered the meat and veggies and brushed them with a basil, olive oil, lemon and garlic marinade, thinned with some organic (unsalted) veggie stock.  I made the salad with spinach, pine nuts, avocado slices, grapes, and a raspberry vinaigrette made with frozen raspberries, balsamic, olive oil,  and mint leaves.  I was skeptical but it was good.

After dinner the 3 of us sat around three glowing computer screens, talking about business .  I brought out a snack tray around 9, with sliced pears, grapes, diced Lara bar, and some melon.

It’s now teetering on 10:00 PM and I’m proud of our efforts this week. If you would have told me a year ago that I could cut out all sugar, salt, bread and dairy from my diet for even a few days I never would have believed you.  Amazing partnership, willpower, and Crossfit make a pretty compelling combination.


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You guys are rocking it! I’m wondering if your skin is reacting at all?

Comment by Ashley

Neither of us have noticed any change in our skin — you talking good changes or bad?

Comment by kristincorey

I was wondering either way. I went off gluten about 5 months ago (long story short, my son is autistic and gluten intolerant, so we all went off it) and my skin erupted into a madness of zits about the 5th week off gluten. I am wondering what going off sugar would do to the complexion, seems like only good things. Pondering cutting it out as well.

Comment by Ashley

Hmm – no zits yet but we’re only on week 1, so I’ll keep my eye out. My skin actually might be mildly better than usual right now, but that could also be because I’m sleeping more than usual and laying off salt and wine. But I’ll keep you posted if I see any changes!

Comment by kristincorey

Kristin, I’m still feeling stabby…but a little less, I think. This morning’s Crossfit workout felt better than usual tho, maybe there IS something to this paleo insanity!

Made a version of your muffins on the weekend, combined crushed almonds, eggs, apple sauce, 1 banana and about half a cup of frozen berries. UNbelievably good…for something so healthy.

Comment by natalie

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