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March 5, Day 5

Corey cooked breakfast this morning because I was on a conference call, and I was amazed and delighted with what he came up with:

Breakfast, 8 AM:  Organic turkey slices around fresh spinach, topped with an over-easy egg.

He added a slice of super-sweet cantaloupe.  It was so good we ate the rest of it, too.  The eggs have a sprinkle of cayenne pepper which added a kick, and the soft yolk added a yummy sauce to the turkey sand plain spinach.  Super easy, and good.

Lunch was a bit of a bust. We went to the noon Crossfit class, I felt sluggish and weak, breathing a lot heavier than usual and having to rest between sets.  I am not sure if it’s the diet to blame or the fact that we’ve been all typically obsessively enthusiastic about a new venture.  I think maybe a bit of both.  We grazed on turkey-wrapped melon and seeds + berries until a supremely late lunch.

Lunch, 4 PM: BBQ Chicken Spinach Red Pepper Salad with Blueberry Dressing

I looked at Corey quizzically as he threw pine nuts, frozen blueberries, and slice red peppers into the blender to make our salad dressing, but – it was delicious!  Sweet and a perfect foil to the BBQ chicken and crunchy spinach.  Almost every store-bought dressing is a no-no on this diet, so we’ve had to make our own – but it’s been worth it.  We don’t bother with the food processor half the time because it’s a pain in the ass to find all the parts (I put stuff in whack places without thinking a lot of the time) – but almost all of these can be made in the blender.

We wanted to go out for dinner. Friday night, kid-free, and we’d been making complex meals all week.  But where to?  Oysters, we decided.  Paleo friendly and delicious and we’ll use lemon instead of hot sauce.

But we got foiled when we arrived at the restaurant and they didn’t have oysters.  We had scallops instead.  They served 3 for 16 dollars.  We  went to Whole Foods, bought a whack load of meat and fruit and veggies, and came home starved and fired a steak on the BBQ.

(I ate a Lara bar in the car on the way home too because I was starved.  At this point I am eating more than Corey, am still always starving and a little grumpy)

9 PM, “Second Dinner Because the First Was Teeny”:

I cooked up a bunch of onions with black pepper, garlic, half a lemon + zest, and 4 or 5 sundried tomatoes.  Then I threw them in the blender and made a hot, savory tomato-onion pesto for on top of the steak.  Was delish.


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Kristin, it sounds like you’re struggling to find that satisfied/full feeling. What about soup? There are plenty of Paleo friendly recipes out there for hearty soups. Make a big pot and it’s an easy lunch for the week.

Comment by Kathy

Kathy – you’re right – I think it’s my body getting used to no bread – I ate a lot of wraps before for lunch, and crumpets sometimes for breakfast. I will definitely try a soup for next week. Got any fave recipes?

Comment by kristincorey

I like to make a chicken veg soup. The key is a good stock, especially if you aren’t eating salt. Roast a whole chicken one night for dinner. Boil the carcass in water for at least an hour then refrigerate overnight. Skim off the fat and strain. Saute up some carrots, onions, celery, garlic, add stock and whatever other veg you have on hand…I really like mushrooms, spinach, cauliflower, green beans whatever. Toss in some of the leftover chicken, your favorite herbs and spices and you’re done. A trick I learned from my Greek mother-in-law to boost the flavour is to squeeze some lemon juice into your bowl. Okay, now I’m totally craving a bowl of soup…

Comment by Kathy

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