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March 4, Day 4
March 5, 2010, 5:44 am
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We did a 7am Crossfit Workout this morning.  Neither of us are morning people, but the schedule worked as the Munchkin was with his Dad and so we had no excuse to not get our asses to the gym bright and early.

I felt OK for the workout, finishing quickly and I didn’t feel totally dead afterward but for the rest of the day, I felt like crap.  Sore stomach, and I was hungry but the thought of eating more meat made my mouth water in a bad way.  It might have something to do with shifting from being a vegetarian for 3 years to eating some kind of meat at almost every meal – but I felt lethargic, sluggish, and irritable all day.

8AM, Breakfast: Casserole Gone Bad

I was craving bread in a horrible, wracking way this morning so I thought I’d make a breakfast casserole with eggs, whites, tomatoes, mushrooms, and organic lean sausage.  I’d  cover it in…some kind of fluffy cornbread!

Cornbread normally calls for milk, a no no, so I improvised with water, eggs, baking soda, and “spices.”  Corey ate it, because Corey is too sweet for his own good and would eat an elephant trunk dipped in cheese whiz and motor oil if someone cooked it for him, but it was bunk.  Our first paleo failure.

We made a fruit shake at around 10, and I was still starving.  My stomach just rolls around eating itself all day…hopefully a temporary adjustment.

At noon, I had a cat nap, because I was going to slide under my desk and die of exhaustion. We ate leftover spaghetti bolognese + spaghetti squash at around 2, and I am pleased to say it is even better the next day.

Dinner, 8PM – Late start on dinner again because we took Nolan and Carlin swimming.  So we just threw together something simple: seared salmon in basil lemon sauce on spinach, with grapes + hazelnuts.

Afterward I was still hungry, craving something sweet.  I had a can of pumpkin in the cupboard, and started googling diet pumpkin pudding.  45 minutes later, I sat down with a steaming cup of pumkin-y custard.  It was easy and legal: eggs, pumpkin, unsweetened coconut, almond milk, and vanilla.  It was rich and satisfied my craving for something hearty and dessert-ish.

On to a better day tomorrow!


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I enjoy reading about your journey. I too am on a similar path-started triathlon training last Novemebr and overhauled the diet.
I wouldn’t be able to handle the amount of meat you are eating so animal flesh is the smallest portion of my daily eating and leafy greens would make up the largest. This might be easier to handle coming off a veg. diet. I also bought a Vitamix blender and use it to make green drinks (blended kale, cuke, celery, chard, small amount of apple and supplements) and this has been huge for me.

I am curious as to your weekly grocery bill (sorry if it has been stated already)if you are comfortable sharing.


Comment by Jen

Jen, hi!

Yeah, the animal flesh thing. I am not totally comfortable with it myself but I have to say I do enjoy it for the most part. We only buy free-range, organic, local animals and eggs that have been treated humanely, which makes me feel better. But it is very expensive and totally worth it to me. Our grocery bill is around $ 150.00 a week, sometimes more.

I’m gonna try your green drink – yum!

Comment by kristincorey

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