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March 3, Day 3

We had lemon pancakes on the breakfast menu this morning, but we were foiled by the arrival of fire trucks and police cars down the street, a shower stopped midstream and a water main break that screwed with our morning meal plan as well as our water supply.

I was super jonesing for something bready, so I threw some muffins in the oven.  Super easy: 1/2 cup almond flour, two eggs, some cut up peaches and half a bag of frozen blueberries.  They’re not sweet but they’re hearty and still tasty.

Breakfast, 8AM:  Berry Banana Smoothie + 2 almond flour blueberry mini muffins and two sliced strawberries.  With a fresh mint garnish! (we bought a whole bunch of fresh herbs and have loved making sauces with them – I think fresh herbs are an invaluable part of flavour in this diet.)

The shake was plain almond milk, one ripe banana, and a frozen berry medley of peaches, strawberries and blueberries.  Delicious and filling.

Lunch, 2 PM: BBQ steak with green tossed salad, sundried tomato pesto and leftover avocado roumalade from yesterday.  I couldn’t eat the avocado, I was too full. We ate too late today after a gruelling but awesome noon Crossfit workout, so we inhaled this in two seconds flat.

Snack, 4 PM

I had a handful of almonds, seeds, dried cherries and goji berries, an unsweetened mix I found at Safeway.  It’s super tasty and the cherries give me that little sweet kick I crave so much.

Then I ate a pear, and then Corey coerced me on a 5k run.  My legs were vibrating at the end.  He is insane.

But he is also insanely adorable, especially when he takes on Manly Cutting Tasks like the dicing of the spaghetti squash.

We really felt like spaghetti for dinner – we had organic, local ground beef delivered from Spud yesterday and were thinking of legal ways to use it.  Spaghetti!  Without noodles.  Spaghetti with spaghetti squash noodles!   I’d never had spaghetti squash before but it was delicious: mild, slightly nutty, the perfect shape and consistency of actual noodles. We couldn’t use salt or worcester or all my usual spaghetti sauce standbys for the sauce… so we tossed all kinds of herbs in the blender, fried up some mushrooms, threw in some tomato paste and cherry tomatoes and — oh my god!  Best meal yet.

Dinner, 8:30 PM (Way too late, we were running around doing errands and running in concentric circles, lamenting the fact that the water still wasn’t on)

It’s late now, and I won’t be needing any kind of snack.  We’re going to an early morning workout tomorrow, so bed time.


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Hey buddy, I had no idea you and Corey were doing this blog. Some great ideas…as Erik and I are also attempting to go paleo (well, he is …100% and I am about 80%..) I have passed this along. If I find anything else that is `super paleo exciting`I’ll let you know!

Comment by natalie

I was so thrilled to find this blog through the BN site! You’re right that there ARE very few paleo-type cooking blogs, especially ones with pictures. I do hope you’ll continue to post even after the 30 days are up.

PS-I don’t get the snap pea hate either. I mean, I know blah blah legume whatevs, but come ON man. SNAP PEAS!

Comment by Tessie

Those mufins *look* delish. Kristen, this is my first time to this blog and I’m glad you posted it. I’m very interested in Paleo and SCD diets (as have been diagnosed with grain allergies). This journal provides some much needed inspiration!

Comment by Hänni

The more you post here the more I realize that I sort of eat a paleo diet and really had no idea. Or maybe I don’t because I don’t eat meat? Last night I ate butter lettuce tacos and I thought about this blog. I make my own refried pinto beans in the crock pot with water, pintos, and onion. I folded the lettuce around the smashed beans with orange bell peppers and fresh jalapeños. So yummy! I am eager for this blog to expand throughout the month and see how the diet change affects you both, thanks for sharing it 🙂

Comment by Ashley

How do you make the squash noodles? Thanks for all the ideas for cooking. I have a two year old and run out of time and ideas for eating this way and just end up scarfing boiled chicken drenched in salsa while she is tugging at my leg.

Comment by Jess

The squash noodles were super easy. Slice a spaghetti squash in half (this is the only hard part – those suckers are tough) – and get rid of the seeds and gunk. Then sprinkle some pepper and a bit of olive oil on top. Nuke on high for 10-12 minutes — you can also bake but we are always in a rush. Once it’s out of the microwave and cooled, you scoop out the flesh and it comes out exactly like spaghetti noodles – no need for any cutting. Seriously delish.

Comment by kristincorey

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