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Kristin + Corey + Masochistic Tendencies
February 28, 2010, 12:49 am
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He likes programming languages, ripe mango, blue-rare meat, v-neck t-shirts and strategic halogen lights in the bathroom.

I like great fiction, sea turtles, kick-ass jeans, Modest Mouse,  inspirational magnets  and unexpected endings.

We met almost a year ago and were startled by our similarities in the ways it matters, and our radical differences in the ways it doesn’t.  We were both active people before, but when we got together we kicked things up a notch: running long distances and working out at the gym and planning our carb/protein balanced meals carefully.

We work from home together, both in a geeky computer capacity, and miraculously we don’t ever get sick of each other. We both like to challenge ourselves, travel, work out, and laugh till it hurts.  We’re going to attempt the CrossFitBC 31 day Paleo Challenge and we’re going to journal it here in pictures and words.  We fully expect it be painful.  And rewarding.  Like everything else that matters.


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OK, I’m with you. But! I’m keeping cream for my coffee. Otherwise, full paleo for all of March

Comment by cyborg

This is Leigh, BTW.

Comment by cyborg

You two are so inspiring. I’m excited to hear about how you hold up during the challenge, and how/if it changes your habits when it’s all over. Good luck!

Comment by Elisabeth

Good Luck! Just remember. If you survive the first week you will coast.

Comment by Coach Lu

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